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Art Replica

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Flag Over Mount Rushmore By John Shaw
Flag Over Mount Rushmore By John Shaw
Click Image to enlarge
Flag Over Mount Rushmore By John Shaw
Click Image to enlarge

Flag Over Mount Rushmore

By John Shaw

John Shaw has masterfully captured the most powerful subjects of his career. Mount Rushmore, our nations "Shrine of Democracy", embellished by the America Flag. The most faithful symbol of our nation being a truly Patriotic Collectable.

The skillful hand of John Shaw draws us into the pine-clad Black Hills of South Dakota where in 1927 sculptor Gutzon Borglum began to create what has been called the eighth wonder of the world, Mount Rushmore. With granite as his medium, Borglum sculpted a sixty-foot tall portrait of four men who guided our country to greatness.

The four men George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Theodore Roosevelt, and Abraham Lincoln Presidents each having blessed us with their wisdom, filled us with their convictions and passes to us their own great expectations of our nation's future. Borglum could never have foreseen any of the dramatic events which would occur during the first fifty years of Mount Rushmore's existence, each giving our "Monument to Freedom and Democracy" deeper meaning. Today Mount Rushmore stands more powerful than the dynamite used in its creation awaiting the next fifty fifty years. John Shaw applied both his talent and ingenuity in uniting Mount Rushmore National Memorial and the American Flag, creating what is dubbed "A portrait of America".

The vision of John Shaw's great tribute to our nation will surely fill every American heart with pride and any other with envy.

Artist: John Shaw

Image Size: 17" x 21"

Overall Size: 20.5" x 25.5"

Reproductive Technique: Offset Lithograph

10,000 signed and numbered Limited Edition with First Day of Issue Cancelled Stamp.

You will received one limited edition print, one First Day of Issue cancelled stamp, and one certificate of authenticity, sent via in a protective shipping tube. Framing is not included.

Collector: This is to certify that the limited edition offset lithograph is produced on 100% neutral PH stock paper and fade resistant inks. Authenticity is validated by the artist John Shaw. Each print has been numbered, personally inspected and hand signed by the artist. All plates have been destroyed.

$295.00 $95.00

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